Kevin Kimberley

Kevin Kimberley | Central Iowa Ag Summit Speaker

As a producer for 37 years, Kevin owned, operated and managed up to 3500 acres. As an equipment tester, Kevin spent 15 years working for companies such as Case IH and John Deere. Kevin’s research activities have included side-by-side equipment studies on various soil types, utilizing a variety of attachments. 

He now devotes his time to instructing others involved in agri- business by delivering lively, interesting and informative presentations on a host of Ag related topics while sharing current issues that have presented themselves over the recent growing season; and On-farm consulting with clients from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. His clients utilize various farming techniques, including: Strip-Till, No-Till and Full Tillage. 

Kevin has also been dubbed “The Planter Doctor” because he has the knowledge, technique and skill to take virtually any planter and make it better. He is constantly striving to get the best plantability from every meter. Every season he collects, cleans, repairs and calibrates corn meters for his customers. Kevin utilizes his 30 plus years of experience to continually resolve planter and plantability issues along the way.