Wayne Humphreys

Wayne Humphreys Speaks at Central Iowa Ag Summit

Wayne Humphreys owns and operates a family century farm that is big enough his wife has to work in town.  Agricultural professionals all across the nation find it so easy to identify with Wayne’s humor.  This is no time for a Polly Anna speaker in agriculture, but it is a great time to let America’s farmers up for a breath of fresh air and a laugh.  Wayne combines his farmer’s pride with today’s realities and his audiences love it.  One man told a state convention planner, “The only reason I came is to hear Wayne again.”

Growing up on a grain and livestock farm gives a fellow a heavy dose of common sense.  “Sometimes it just pays to know which side of the post to put the wire on.”  Wayne became a champion speaker in high school and went on to be elected National Vice President of the FFA. Wayne graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agriculture.  He and his wife Sherry, an accountant, have raised three boys.  Justin is an ISU grad who farms and sells John Deere equipment.  Bryan is an ISU grad (almost) and is applying to law schools.  Joel is a high school senior and is much loved but doesn’t have a clue what he is going to do.

The farm operation is several hundred acres (five landowners) of corn and soybeans.  The business also custom feeds 20,000 hogs annually.

From the Fruit and Vegetable Growers in Toronto to the National Equipment Manufacturers in North Carolina to the Cotton Compress in Texas to the Onion Growers in Colorado to the Raisin Bargaining Association in California to the Christmas Tree Growers in Oregon, Wayne’s humor and vitality make him one of the busiest speakers in the agriculture industry today.


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